Duvet Buying Guide

Eiderdown & Z Land Duvet Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing a Duvet, here at Eiderdown & Z Land we realize there is no one size fits all, so our experts have made a guide to help you find the perfect fit for you! Combined with our Warranty & Returns policy, this guide will help you choose with confidence the ideal Duvet inner to help you get a great night’s sleep. All of our Duvets are made locally in New Zealand at our Dunedin factory meaning we can work with our customers to help make the right choice for them.  Our expert team is only a phone call or email away so please contact us for any questions about what is right for you. 

When shopping for the right Duvet that best suits your needs of comfort and support to its important to consider the following:
  1. Your sleeping environment: including your home, its construction and the surrounding geographic region.
  2. The Season: Summer, Winter or Autumn and the typical range of temperatures, humidity and chill you will experience in the night.
  3. What type of sleeper are you? Everyone runs at different temperatures and so if you are a hot sleeper you will be looking for optimum breathability, and if you feel the cold then warm and snug is the priority.
  4. The Natural, breathable and sustainable fill Material options: Hungarian Goose or Duck Down, New Zealand Alpaca, and New Zealand Wool.
  5. The Duvet Construction: The fill weight, appearance and size that best suit you.

Sleeping Environment

Your sleeping environment will play a large part in determining the required amount of warmth as well as the level of breathability.
If your house is older construction and you live in areas of the country where low and negative temperatures are experienced in winter then you will need a winter weight Duvet to keep you warm and snug. We have Winter options in all of our fill types, depending on what your overall needs are.
However, if you live in a modern well insulated home and have internal heating options then you will require less warmth and lighter fill weights are a good option. Similarly if you live in warmer regions then your “Winter“ Duvet will required for less of the year and comfortable sleeping in Summer is a real priority.
Customising your duvet by joining the two different fill weights together from our range of Hungarian Down, Alpaca and Wool will let you find the perfect duvet to keep you warm all night long in winter, yet cool and breathable in the summer months.
Our Four Seasons Duvets are versatile and popular option for this reason.

The Season - Summer, Winter or All Seasons

We offer a full range of options to suit your personal requirements and the specifics of your home and region listed below:
Winter Range: 90% Hungarian Goose Down, 80% Hungarian Duck Down, 400gsm Alpaca, and 500gsm Wool Duvets, plus Four Seasons Combination Duvets(Summer + Autumn) in Hungarian Goose Down, Hungarian Duck Down, Alpaca and Wool.
Autumn/Warmer Winter Environments : 400gsm Alpaca Duvet, plus Four Seasons Combination Duvets(Summer + Autumn) in Hungarian Goose Down, Hungarian Duck Down, Alpaca and Wool.
Summer Weight Duvets: 90% Hungarian Goose Down Summer Weight, 80% Hungarian Duck Down Summer Weight, 150gsm Alpaca, and 200gsm Wool Duvets plus Four Seasons Combination Duvets(Summer + Autumn)) in Hungarian Goose Down, Hungarian Duck Down, Alpaca and Wool.

What type of sleeper are you?

For couples who share a bed it can be a constant source of sleepless nights & debate. No sooner is one beginning to drift off than the other starts tossing and turning because they are too hot or cold. It is important to determine if you’re a Cold or Hot sleeper to find the right duvet for you and your partner.
Finding ideal bedding can be tricky if you’re a hot sleeper. A duvet makes a bed seem cosy and welcoming, but it can also add excess heat.
If you live in a warm climate or tend to sleep hot, having a duvet can cause you to sweat and overheat in the night. Thankfully, we make a range of natural duvets that allow you to get some additional warmth and cosiness without feeling like you’re spending the night in a sauna.
For hot sleepers temperature regulation is one of the primary factors you should consider. NZ Alpaca and NZ Wool are materials with proven breathability and moisture-wicking ability, making them the optimum choice and are available in Winter, Summer and Four Seasons options. However, some hot sleepers still enjoy a down duvets soft, fluffy feel so if that's you then check out the 90% Hungarian Goose Down Summer Weight and Four Seasons options.
For cold sleepers we recommend Hungarian Down Duvets made with Goose or Duck Down. While they are lightweight, they are very efficient at trapping heat making them a popular choice in the coldest climates.They're wonderfully insulative and will keep you feeling warm and cosy all night long, whilst still being breathable. Down clusters provide the insulation, while feathers add bulk and substance to the duvet. The higher the proportion of Hungarian down, the lighter the duvet; our 90% Hungarian Goose Down Duvet will feel incredibly light but very warm.
Winter weight 400gsm Alpaca & 500gsm Wool Duvets will keep you warm in the coolest region but has added benefits of breathability and value, plus for those who like extra weight this is a great option.

The Natural, breathable and sustainable fill Material options

Hungarian Goose & Duck Down

Background info:

Hungarian Down is one of the most premium fills available globally. Hungarian Down consists of large, pure white down cluster that make our products the lightest, warmest and loftiest available.
All our Hungarian Down is Responsible Down Standard (RDS) Certified, and Eiderdown is the only New Zealand based bedding manufacturer that is RDS Certified. This means it is held to the highest standard in ethical sourcing of down and feathers meeting the strict RDS guidelines. All down is from free range farms that do not force feed or live pluck their birds.
Eiderdown is also the only company in New Zealand using the Hungarian Down Traceability System (HDTS) that allows a customer to scan a QR code to find out exactly where their down has come from, additional benefits of the down, and much more.

What makes them a popular product:

Our Hungarian Down Duvets are incredibly popular product because of how lightweight but warm they are. Customers love their cloud like appearance on the bed thanks to the loft the down provides. They’re easy to wrap around yourself to snuggle in for a great night’s sleep. Our Hungarian Down Duvets are available in Winter, Summer, or our incredibly popular Four Seasons Duvet.

New Zealand Grown Alpaca

Background info:

Sourced exclusively from farms around New Zealand, Alpaca is naturally hypoallergenic, odour and mildew resistant, and lighter than wool. Smooth fibres allow us to create a beautifully soft fleece that is 25% warmer than Sheep’s wool (our 400gsm Alpaca duvet is the equivalent of our 500gsm Wool Duvet). Alpaca also has amazing moisture-wicking properties which give it the ability to draw excess moisture away from the body to allow you to be dry and evenly warm throughout the night.
All our Alpaca products have been Buy NZ Made certified and carry the Buy NZ Made logos on them so customers can be assured they’re made in New Zealand using locally grown Alpaca.

What makes them a popular product:

Our Alpaca duvets are very popular due to the soft feel they have while providing a bit of extra weight on top of them. They are also popular due to their ability to breathe which helps regulate body temperature throughout the night and stop overheating. This feature is key for our customers in warmer climates. We have a lot of people upgrade from Wool to Alpaca because they like the feel of wool but are wanting something a little bit lighter. Our Alpaca Duvets are available in Winter, Summer, or our incredibly popular Four Seasons Duvet.

New Zealand Grown Wool

Background info:

Like our Alpaca, our Wool is 100% sourced from New Zealand farms. Wool's suitability as a bedding material has a simple scientific explanation. Wool allows water molecules - those in the atmosphere and those by your body - to move more freely. If you are hot, the wool fibres help regulate your body temperature while you sleep - creating your very own microclimate. When you are cold, the same principle ensures the microclimate is exactly what your body requires.
All our Wool products have been Buy NZ Made certified and carry the Buy NZ Made logos on them so customers can be assured they’re made in New Zealand using locally grown Wool.

What makes them a popular product:

Wool duvets are popular as New Zealanders have a natural affinity with Wool. Our duvets are also priced such that they are a great entry level product into luxury bedding, and we often have people start with these products and then upgrade to other products once they’ve felt the quality we can offer. They are popular with customers who want a heavy duvet that will keep nice and warm. Our Wool Duvets are available in Winter, Summer, or our incredibly popular Four Seasons Duvet.

The Duvet Construction: fill weight, appearance and size that best suits you


The first thing you need to do is ask yourself a very simple question "What size do I need?"
Duvet sizes are pretty self-explanatory — more often than not, you will buy a duvet that's the same size as your mattress.
However, we would recommend for added cosiness, you opt for a duvet that is one size bigger so that the edges hang over the sides. Not only will this create a more luxurious, five-star hotel feel, it will also give both you and your partner adequate coverage plus has adequate drape given most mattresses and bases  are now made considerably higher.
These days some couples prefer to use two separate smaller duvets to avoid the nightly battle for blankets - something to consider!
All of our Duvet sizes are based on New Zealand standards.


Aesthetic appeal can make your sleep surface even more welcoming. Duvets are often the finishing touch on a bed, and it makes up the bulk of what you see on the surface.
Hungarian Goose or Duck Down Duvets are puffy, lofty and super cosy and are ideal for those who like their bed to look cloudlike and soft. Alpaca and wool tend to be less lofty and flatter appearance.

Duvet Weight:

The weight of a duvet is a very personal choice, some want something lightweight and snugly while others prefer the feeling of extra weight. We have duvets at each end of the scale and this is something to factor in when making your choice. Check out the table below for some weight information for each duvet, and if you want more information then you can contact us and we'd be more than happy to help out.


Duvet Weights