Our Fabrics

All of our fabrics have been chosen carefully to best match up with each product they are used for. Factors such as thread count, weave type and shrinkage are all taken into account when choosing the right fabric. We also use the best technology available to make sure they are safe and help protect against allergies.

Thread Count:

Thread Count is the number of threads per square inch of fabric. While some manufacturers and large retailers can misrepresent this number by using an alternate thread count measure, Eiderdown uses the international standard to represent a true thread count for our products.

Okeo-Tex® Certified:

All Eiderdown Fabrics meet the strict global criteria of STANDARD 100 by Okeo-Tex®. This means that our Fabric and beddings are certified free of toxins and harmful chemicals which makes the Duvets, Pillows and bedlinen ideal for sensitive skin.

In addition the Okeo-Tex® certification also ensures that the production process of the beddings while in the factory are also closely monitored to reassure you that you are receiving the best quality bedding, assuring safety for you and your family.


Sanitized® is a Swiss company which has antimicrobial expertise from 1935 to today.

Eiderdown uses an antimicrobial and anti-fungus application from Sanitized® specifically developed for home textiles.

Sanitized® technologies use natural products to defeat unpleasant odours and provide effective antimicrobial and bacteria protection for cotton fabrics .

Sanitized® provides optimal protection against dust mites and allergies and has been dermatologically tested and is safe for man and the environment.

Sanitized® products are very widely used on a great variety of materials.

As responsible specialists for antimicrobial finishing with a broad spectrum of applications, Sanitized® attach great importance to the safety of all Sanitized® products for man and environment.